Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Notes from the Shop floor

The Black Industries Blog is born!

Not only will we be posting all sorts of juicy tid bits about what is going on inside Black Industries, we'll also be musing on all manner of development team topics- from current RPG trends to our latest game sessions and even what's on the office stereo.

We aim not only to document the creative process- but also to offer fans an inside track on what we do, who we are, and what we beleive in.

This photo seemed a suitable one to mark the launch of our blog- on it you can see a proud moment in BI history- the arrival of the first proofs for our first books- the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay rule book and Plundered Vaults senario book. Ewan- our man on all things logistical- literallly ran all the way up from the post room with the proofs shouting "They're here! They're here! I can't beleive it!" Roughly five seconds after this photo was taken, so were the rest of us...

A great day and a proud moment

-The BI dev team


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