Friday, August 11, 2006

first day of GenCon

So, we're over in Indianapolis (well, at least some of us are) and we're enjoying the first day of that great big gaming show we all know and love.

It's been very very busy. Traditionally the Thursday of GenCon is 'warm up day' where you get in the zone of working a booth, try to remember how the till works, and attempt to memorise US dollar pricing... but not this year- oh no.

From everything we're seen, and from all the various companies we've talked to, this has been an incredibly busy first day. Just about every stand has done really well, the vibe amongst the game manufacturers is good, and all in all, the impression is that the 'industry' is on the upswing.

Pretty appropriate then, that we've been talking to folks about 'Dark Heresy' and what it's going to be like. We never did get round to making those tattoos we were thinking about- but we have had time to unveil a bit of the cover art and to make a handout with all the details of the first releases for the game. People seem genuinely excited- from fans who have been waiting for 20 years or more for Warhammer 40,000 roleplay, to store owners who beleive a big release like this will be a real 'shot in the arm' for roleplay in general.

So good news all round then.

The fact we've had authors like Dan Abnett, Matt Forbeck, Chris Pramas, Rob Schwalb and Gary Astleford signing at the booth has made things even better- there have been queues around the booth of folk clutching novels, art books and roleplay suppliments in their sweaty, excited paws.

We've also been chatting to fans about playtest for Dark Heresy, the latest WFRP releases, and even sneak previewing 'Tome of Corruption' for those folk we think can withstand the insidious ham tainted delight of this 'big book of chaos'

So, more tomorrow, on the four greatest days in gaming...


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