Monday, September 12, 2005

Where? There on the stair!


We have mice.

They're in the book archive. Must be something about the musty smell of ancient 'Realms of Chaos' books. That or the cheesy WFRP puns.

That's pretty odd, considering our office is in a building less than two years old. Mind you, it does have some cool meeting rooms- when you walk in you're greeted with a load of signs saying 'Bretonnia this way' and 'Ulthuan upstairs'

The rooms almost seem to have personalities- Naggaroth has broken air conditioning thus is always cold, whilst food has been banned from The Moot as there have been lots of incidents with chocolate stains and crumbs. Messages from on high are often delivered from The Vaults, whilst phone technology seems to constantly fail in Bretonnia...

Coincidence or design? Who knows?

-The Black Industries dev team


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