Monday, September 04, 2006

TimCon and photos

Well, we've returned from TimCon V, tired but happy.

TimCon is a two day WFRP only convention held in London, where folks sign up to various games before hand, turn up and, well... roleplay.

We'd long since signed up for various games, and were looking forward not only to roleplaying with new people, but also getting to be players for once! We also figured we would go to the Saturday night BBQ and hob nob with the likes of John Foody, Tim Eccles (the man who puts the Tim in TimCon) and Natascha Chrobok (Strike to Stun's Server Godess)

So we arrived, a little late in some cases, and launched straight into the action on Saturday morning. We played in Wim van Gruisen's 'Witches Coven' game, which involved an awful lot of Chaos and cackling, plus John Foody's 'Who was Has Kottor of Ensendorf?' in which a group of thoroughly despicable PC's compteted for an inheritance...

The Gaming was great. Everyone was friendly, keen to play well and very much in Character. We were almost sad when time came to end the adventures and head off for lunch.

The afternoon saw us launch into Steven Hanlon's 'The Spice is Right' in which we set sail in search of Nutmeg, and found alot more than we bargained for. The adventure ended in a suitably cinematic total player death, when we lit our blackpowder magazine rather than be taken alive... Ah, how WFRP!

Then we repaired to a local pub, swapped gaming stories, tried to find out how you could do the adventure and not die horribly and got to know our fellow players. The scent of grilling meat greeted us on our return to the center, and we got stuck into a very reasonably priced BBQ. Despite us all being old WFRP hands, no one baulked at being served sausages...

A pub crawl followed (really, how could it not?)... and then sleep.

The following day, a little tired it has to be said, we cracked into Simon Crowe's 'Lost and Found' in which we washed up on an island and had to figure out what was going on. In the afternoon, John Foody GM'd the fantastic 'Bubba Lichemaster' starring the Elf Viss, Joseph Bugman, Sigmar and the Great Enchanter Drachenfels (you probably had to be there...)

Again, it was a friendly, fun time.

All in all, a good convention to go to- there was a nice atmosphere, especially amongst the London contingent who all knew each other fairly well. That said, even the first timers seemed to fit in fine. It was well organised and good value for money- the two things you really want from a convention.

If there is one next year, think about taking part- we certainly will be!

Find out more about all the games here

In other, unrelated news, we've started up a Flickr album. You can check out our pics by clicking on the link button thing on the right hand side.


Anonymous Morph said...

One of the oddest things at TimCon was seeing how well Dave roleplays senile old women.

8:29 am  
Anonymous Dave said...

One of the oddest things for me at TimCon was dicovered how much I enjoyed roleplaying senile old women (or senile old men who thought they were women).

10:25 am  

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