Tuesday, September 13, 2005

GenCon Signing

Here's a picture of Old World Bestiary author T S Luikart signing the copies of his book that we had at GenCon. It's from some video we took as an experiment in documenting shows.

As the Bestiary was up for an Ennie, and TS had brought his own pen we figured 'fair enough' and duely submitted him to the camera phone- with the above grainy results.

Seriously though- if you bought the Bestiary at the show, you'll have a little gold signature on the 'cover' of the Grim and Perilous beasts section. We didn't make a big thing of it- after all, these sorts of things make a great suprise- get the book home, read it, enjoy it, then realise it's been signed- It's like a tiny bonus for visiting us at GenCon.

Will we be doing this at the next show? Who knows. Gamesday will have two WFRP authors at it, UK GenCon at least that again- we'll have to see if we can whip up a little added extra for people who come down.

- The BI Dev Team


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