Thursday, September 07, 2006

Games Day preparations

Whilst the convention season is over for many RPG companies, we're still waiting for the culmination of our events calendar- Gamesday 2006

Yep, we're going to be at the Birmingham NEC in just a little over a fortnight, talking the talk, walking the walk and running some games.

Besides our info stand (where you'll be able to see both Tome of Corruption and the WFRP companion) we'll be running two convention games.

There's 'Pigs, pies and Punches'- an introductory games for folk new to roleplaying. Loosely based on a scenario called 'bar room brawl' from a really ancient White Dwarf, it involves four or more Player Characters, all with a reason to get in a ruck with each other. We've been feverishly painting minatures for this scenario (With mixed results, it has to be said) and are particularly pleased with our snotling pot boys.

Continuing on with our 'swine' theme, we have a veteran game entitled 'The Pig, the Witch and Her Lover' It's two hours of mystery, lies and peasant revenge in an out of the way Reikland village. No figures for this one- as it's aimed at chaps who have roleplayed before. If it plays well as a convention game, we'll use it as the basis of organised play for GenCon Indy next year.

Of course, we still have a million and one things to organise- somehow it wouldn't be Gamesday if we weren't running around madly the night before, searching for gaffer tape, D10's or some such. Still, we've got a good feeling about this year.

There is going to be tons going on- from Golden Daemon awards to author signing- and we're hoping to persuade Chris Pramas to come over and take a look at the carefully controlled madness that is UK Gamesday.

Maybe we'll see you there too!


Blogger Albrecht said...

Saw you at games day at year, and I was very well impressed by Sigmars Heirs then.

Got my ticket, and looking forward to seeing those wonderful new books.

Foe all our sakes I just hope the "curse" Kate F told me about hasn't affected Tome of Corruption this time.

And if you need any spare gaffer I got loads!

7:47 pm  

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