Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sudden realization

There have been few posts on the BI blog recently as we're all putting our noses to the grindstone to prepare for Gamesday- so far 30 odd miniatures have been painted, several playtest sessions held and God alone knows how many handouts laminated in preparation for 'Oi, That's my Head'

Whilst all this has been going on, we've also been intently proofing 'Realms of Sorcery' in the eternal quest for a typo-less product. Proofing is hard on the eyes and the mind- after 20 minutes or so you forget that you're looking for mistakes, and you end up reading, not checking.

With a book like 'Realms of Sorcery' it's hard not to. There's some pretty fun stuff in there- today ended with a sudden realization of a well hidden gag by one of the writers...

Aside from all the new careers, backgrounds and rules, 'Realms of Sorcery' (or Realm_Saucery as the printer's file is called- we always thought that was something to do with Slaanesh, but that's beside the point...) contains lots of new spells for each of the Colleges of Magic. One of these- 'Taste of Fire' was loudly read out in the office

"You impart one batch of food or drink with a fiery potency. This makes food spicy...The effect of spicy food on those unaccustomed to it- the caster is always considered accustomed- causes intestinal distress for several hours until a Toughness Test is passed"

On hearing this, our audience looked in askance at us...

"Don't you realize what this spell is?" we cried

"a cheap gag about bottoms?" said a passing sales guy

"no no!- it's effectively 'Summon Curry'"

"Ah," he nodded "you would adventure with a mage who could cast that..."


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