Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Starting Playtest

So, the Black Industries team are mustering for our playtest of 'Barony of the Damned: An Adventure in Mousillon'

For those not aquainted with playtesting, this is where we sit down with a couple of office mates and play through the adventure. Feedback from the GM's helps us tweak stats, add details and spot potential problems with the adventure. Typically several groups will take part in playtesting so we can get several points of view on how the senario went.

We're kicking off the action tomorrow night and hope to rattle through the whole senario in three weeks... It's a bold plan, but we're feeling confident.

Our illustrious players will be using the characters from the front of the rule book
(front to back that's Trollslayer Urrel Two-Axe, Priest of Sigmar Jurgen Heim, Noble Squire Kera of Ostermark, Pyromancer Otto Embarr and Bounty Hunter Gorge von Ostwald)

We totted up all the xp you're likely to earn playing 'through the Drakwald' and the entire Paths of the Damned trilogy- 'Ashes of Middenheim' 'Spires of Altdorf' and 'Forges of Nuln' which came to...well, an awful lot. We then applied a player stupidity modifier (-25%) and came out with about 2,500 xp each- which we duely applied to our characters, bringing them nicely into their second careers.

We then threw in a couple of insanity points and oddities for good measure, thus creating what we hope is a seasoned party that might just survive the horrors of Mousillon.

We will be doing regular spoiler free write ups of the playtest sessions from 'alpha team' (all the people from BI's office that we could convince to give up several evenings a week!)- These write ups will all be from the point of view of the NPC's the players have been interacting with (it's our homage to the Old World Bestiary)

We'll be using basic rules for armour and combat throughout- mostly so we can focus on the flow of the adventure rather than the rules. Maybe we've overcooked the power levels- or maybe not- we'll only know once we've faced the undead, the inbred and the deadly Black Pig of the Woods.

More tomorrow after the first fateful die is cast!

-The BI dev team


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