Monday, February 13, 2006

The likely lads

So, we made some of our characters for our playtest sessions on Friday.

Basically, we’re playing through the adventure from the forthcoming ‘Children of the Horned Rat’ sourcebook. Chris Pramas wrote the scenario- ‘Slaves of Destiny’- and he included some notes on how you could convert the adventure from one with a human point of view to one with a Skaven point of view.

As loads of folk (Dave, we’re looking at you) were really amused by the optional rules for Skaven player characters that we included in ‘Children of the Horned Rat’ we figured, ‘what the hell!’ and have decided to run two groups on the same adventure- one group playing the human investigators and another playing the Skaven instigators.

All this flummery is just an excuse for us to test out the new character sheets we’ve been perfecting.

So Friday, we sat down and crafted the Human (well, mostly) investigator group.

We used totally random character creation, plus the name generator, heraldry and doomings from the Character Pack. Players got to roll once for careers- if they didn’t like what they rolled, they went again, but had to stick with what they got.

It consists of:

Wolfheart Vogel, Student of Military History, and brains of the bunch.
Hermann Baumann, 6’ 4’’ and 220lb of Messenger. No one stops him getting though!
Axlebrand Scherer, a Grave Robber doomed to die from some form of rot…
Ethanregar Bercock A.K.A Bigby Badgerbane, Halfling agitator for M.O.T.I.F (Mootland Organisation for Tradesfolk Interested in Freedom)

Just one more character needs to be made before we’ve got the investigation group ready to go!

-BI Dev Team


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