Tuesday, December 20, 2005

That's it for this year

So, we're about to head off on our Christmas Holidays.

Mince pies have been eaten, crackers have been pulled, the office Christmas 'do' has occurred.

We went for a pub quiz this year. For those not acquainted with this custom, this is where you commandeer the back of a bar, organize yourself into teams and then collectively write down the answers to trivia questions bellowed by a central 'caller' Once you've written down your answers, you pass your paper to another team and the caller shouts out the answers. The team with the highest marks wins.

Simply really- and jolly good fun.

Sadly, we have to report that the Black Industries team-The Dark Angels- didn't win. Instead, a monstrous chimera of a team- fused from accounts and sales folk (an unholy mix if ever there was one) seized the day, and claimed the pub quiz prize for their own. Yes, the Black Templars were quaffing champagne, whilst BI were taunted as 'the sinister corners' and 'the dark angles'

Nevermind- there's always next year.

Speaking of which, it's been damn busy for us so far- but we're looking forward to 2006.

We've got some great announcements coming up, and of course, we can't wait to see what people make of things like the Bretonnia book (Knights of the Grail) and the Mousillon adventure (Barony of the Damned)

We want to know if other groups fall into the same traps, tricks and peculiarities as our playtesters did- and how they get out of them. Most of all, we want to know what people make of the Black Pig of the Woods, and the mysterious Grand Sow.

But on that, we can speak no more...

All that remains then, is to say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and keep you eyes peeled for 2006!

-The BI dev Team


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