Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New book, old customs

So, sample copies of 'Forges of Nuln' have arrived in our office.

For those not in the know, this book is the final part of the 'Paths of the Damned' adventure trilogy. The campaign sees the party battle all manner of evil against the backdrop of the three major cities of the Empire- Middenheim, Altdorf and Nuln.
The first instalment was 'Ashes of Middenheim', closely followed by 'Spires of Altdorf'

Anyway, catch ups aside, the arrival of 'Forges of Nuln' (or FON as we affectionately call it) has caused much activity and shenanigans, as you can imagine. Each time we get a new book up from the warehouse, the guys all gather round muttering 'woot!' and 'shiny'- and this one is no exception.

There’s a sort of time honoured ritual about it all now. Maybe you get the same thing in the place where you work- maybe not- but here's how it goes:

9:56 heralding of the newness
Ominous rumbling from the lift causes someone to shout ‘incoming!’ People in the office suddenly become much more alert. Suspiciously large amounts of people start to take ‘monitor breaks’

9:57 Ceremony of Arrival
Rik arrives with a huge pallet of books. Everyone looks nonchalant whilst the boxes are opened. Eventually someone snaps and rushes over to look.

9:57 ½ Lustration of the shiny
Pupils dilate, books are stroked and round mouthed mutterings of ‘oooh’ and ‘check out the cover’ are the traditional beginnings of this ritual. Everyone looks at the pictures- despite claiming they’re ‘really interested in the writing on this one’. Some one invariably smells the book- causing a rash of sniffing, snorting and ‘mmm, glue’ type noises. Someone will then try to raise the tone by looking at the print quality and talking about the paper. Everyone looks very studious and earnest.

10:03 Dispersal of the faithful
People sidle away from the pallet, clutching their copies of the book. The production guys then try to round up all the copies that have wandered off to folks not on the samples lists. Theoretically, if you get your name written on the inside front cover before they get to you, you can keep it.

11:00 Promissory of gaming
Morning break comes, and people arrange their gaming evenings in light of the new book.

17:00 Transition of the opinions
By the end of the day, someone will have read the new book cover to cover and will pointing out the best bits to everyone else. (That is, everyone except the folks who helped proof and develop the book- they’re already using it as reference)

Particular highlights (side from the FON-a-friend gags) have been Kev B finally buckling and agreeing to run the Paths of the Damned campaign after months of promising the sales guys he'd 'get round to it'

The 'nice map, but does it photo-copy?' gauntlet has been thrown down and successfully met- many thanks to all those who obliged!

Now all that remains is to get the previews up, and the book on sale!

Watch out Febuary- here we come!

-The BI Dev Team


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