Wednesday, December 14, 2005


This month we have mostly been... Creating familiars.

We like the new Realms of Sorcery rules so much that when we've had a spare ten minutes or so we've been feverishly jotting down ideas for strange wizardly companions, like there's no tomorrow.

We want to put them together to form a 'generate a familiar' program for the website. The stat and skill generation is proving a little complicated, but we've got the descriptions licked!

Some are based on people in the office whilst others are simply mad inspiration. Which is which, you'll have to work out when we put them online.

Meanwhile, here are two of our personal favorites:

The helminthoid form of your familiar fills you with disgust and the stench it gives off causes most creatures with a sense of smell to give you a wide berth (apart from cats, who tend to show an interest in eating the thing). It rudely subjects your efforts at sorcery to mockery. You can communicate with it telepathically, but you dont particularly like the way it thinks. On Levydays it tends to go missing and when it returns it is bloated and sluggish.

This familiar is a small, podgy creature, assembled from the off cuts of meat. Perhaps the size of your hand, it has rudimentary limbs, sheeps eyes and a lipless slit of a mouth. When upset it weeps tears of blood, which it frequently does, for it is a delicate soul, trapped in an unlovely body. It has a peculiar horror of flies, and is obsessively devoted to you.

-BI Dev Team


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