Friday, February 17, 2006

Skaves of destiny...

Last night we got down to some solid play testing of the new character sheet.

We’ve got two groups testing it- one motley crew of Humans, and one pack of Skaven trouble makers.

We’re using the player character options from ‘Children of the Horned Rat’ together with ‘Slaves of Destiny’- the adventure from the back of the book.

The humans have already had a stab at the adventure (see the post below for more on that) so last night it was the turn of the loathsome ratmen:

Ed Morris: Skerrit Slee, The Scarred Skaven with a reputation for bravery
Chris Lucas: Ritchet, The Big brawny boss clanrat
Dave Allen: Meffitt Ikk, The Clan Verms Slavetaker (and secret brains of the pack)
Mal Green: Throlk, The Clan Moulder packmaster with big-big thing catcher

The Story so far:

Plucked from the teeming masses seemingly at random, the Skaven pack have agreed to work for Pit Boss Skitit. As a servant of Under Nuln’s Temple of the Horned Rat, Skitit needs the pack to perform a delicate task for him- so delicate a task that Skitit’s own master Grey Seer Rikik has taken an unhealthy interest in what’s going on. Skitit may well have forced the pack to pretend that they’re veteran Skaven with years of hardwon experience under their belts, specially summoned from Altdorf, but that’s better-good than Grey Seer Rikik finding out the truth, yes-yes?

On the promise of warptokens and possible work in the Temple, the pack have been handed a map and dispatched along the underway to the man-thing-place of Dotternbach…

The Quote Book

Phrase of the night: “I emit the musk of fear and run away!”

GM: So guys, are you going to introduce yourselves to your party members?
Ed Morris: Absolutely not! I want them knowing as little about me as possible!

Mal Green: I order my Giant rat to leap on the man’s face and attack him!
GM: Well…I’ve never had to GM that before

GM: Roll agility to get on the roof quietly
Dave Allen (on making his roll): HA! Paint me black and fly me over Moscow! I AM the stealth Skaven!

Chris/Richet: “You-you, skitter round big-tall wing-bell tower!”
Dave/ Meffitt “Yes, yes, I go…oh stuff it, just talk human, there’s a chance I might understand the plan then.”

Chris: Ha ha! you failed your stealth role
Dave: Yeah, well, Im' going to draw solace from looking at my 'you passed your intelligence test when everyone else failed' GM note- so there!

Chris: “Why does playing Skaven make you talk like Yoda? Mnn! To Windmill go you!”


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