Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Slaves of Destiny Begins!

Our woe ridden and mud drenched gang of investigators began playtest last night using the adventure from the back of ‘Children of the Horned Rat’

Our group consisted of:

Darron Bowley: Axlebrand Scherer, 6’ 9’’ and 120lb of morbid Grave Robber
Owen Barnes: Bigby Badger Bane, Halfling agitator on behalf of wee folk everywhere
Rob Broom: Wolfheart Vogel: Ousted Wolfenburger and student of military history
Che Webster: Maximillian Kaltenbech: Plucky, pushy Nulner thief
Rowland Cox: Hermann Baumann: The Middenland Messenger, who’s built like a brick. (and about as smart)

The story so far:

Summoned to the house of wealthy merchant Hugo Becker, the party all have their personal reasons for attending. Some owe him money, others need his services, whilst others know that the entirely legitimate businessman is not one to be trifled with if you like to have fingers.

The Party have been dispatched to the village of Dotternbach to discover why Becker’s shipment of wool has not arrived in Nuln. Travelling there via one of Becker’s fermented fish delivery carts has not made them the most pleasant smelling bunch, but right now, that’s the least of their worries…

The Quote Book:

“It’s the wool trade. What’s the worst that can happen?” -Becker
“We get fleeced”- Hermann

GM- Are you taking any precautions walking down this road?
Darron- avoiding the bigger puddles?

“I’m going to sleep with my horse- and not for the first time!” –Hermann

Bigby “Why, so confident are we of our success, we bring our own grave digger!”
Axlebrand “He means for the other side”
Hermann “He’s a gravedigger?”
Axlebrand “Yes. Why do you think I’ve got this shovel?”
Hermann “Oh, I thought you were just weird.”

“We need to know more about these Tilians- I mean, how do we even know they’re human?”- Wolfhart

Merchant- “I’ll thank you to stop spreading your Halfling sedition in this Tavern, here, stop your craw with this pie”
Bigby “Why, see here again, these oppressive stereotypes!”
Merchant “It’s a very fine pie”
Bigby “Why yes this doesn’t mean I’ve compromised my principles you know!”

Maximillian- “You know Bigby, I don’t think you should be eating that pie. Nothing in this village is as it seems. How do we know that’s even lamb in there?”
Bigby <with mouth full> “Are you implying I would eat human?...though technically speaking it wouldn’t be cannibalism…”

More on this group next Monday!


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