Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Behind the screens

We've been feeling a bit guilty about the blog of late. Like a Christmas puppy, it's been a bit neglected- so, we decided to come up with some top rate sneak peeks to jazz it up a little.

Some time ago we mentioned on the forum that we've been developing some bits and peices in house. We've had the proofs for these babies in now, so we snuck out of our office and did a little photoshoot.

Here you can see Owen modelling our lovely GM's screen. As you can see the front of it has the map of the Empire in the center, flanked by two sepia tone scenes. It's about a WFRP rule book high, and four wide. It appears a little rickety as its a proof, but the final thing will be on hard board- like the cover of a hardback book.

Here's the GM's eye view- tables galore. From critical hits to random NPC names, weapons, talents, actions and more, you'll be rolling up 'Rain of Blood' before you can blink.

Our other favourite critial hits include 'Right in the Scruttocks' and 'Marienburg Headache'. Somehow the names say it all...

So, we've also been developing a new character sheet- something a little more detailed than the standard peice of paper. We've come up with this- the character folio. In bag friendly A5 (About the size of a normal character sheet folded over) it's got a study gloss cover- just like the WFRP companion- and 24 pages of glorious detail. Starting with your character's personal heraldry and ending with a record of what killed you, it's designed to be a fitting memorial to your PC. Here you can see Kate with a copy, and a shot of the internals. You can get an idea of size from the WFRP rule book it's resting on (as opposed to the diminuitive Flack)

So, hope you like the pictures, we'll update you with more soon!


Blogger Albrecht said...

I wasn't sure on this one, but the character death section has convinced me.

Thanks for the size confirmation, i was thinking it was A4 (Kate's pic didn't help).

And shame you had to add that space, I was looking forward to my wooden screen coming in the post.

2:03 pm  
Anonymous DagobahDave said...

The folio looks great, gang. I look forward to handing those out at the start of our next campaign.

6:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sure looks pretty.

But how many copies of those folios you are going to put in the package?

And how much those are going to cost if bought separetly?

By this I mean in many RP games me and my friend's characters meet the Grim Reaper's Pointy Sword pretty easily (those critical misses truly hurt) so there is going to be a need of number of copies here. Or we just want to make couple of characters each.

That Character Folio is 24 pages long so it's pretty much impossible to copy on our own..

And even it is possible, the result is more or less ..ugly.

10:34 am  

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