Friday, October 21, 2005

Barony of the Damned- 5th playtest session

The fifth ale soaked session of ‘Barony of the Damned: An Adventure in Mousillon’ was played last night, in a session oozing projectile comedy.

For those not in the know, ‘Playtesting’ is a stage in developing an RPG adventure- where people sit down and play through the adventure to see how the plot flows, if there are any missing sections and if anything else is needed to make the adventure more complete.

We’ve rounded up some of our office mates who foolishly said they had time to take part, and we’re aiming to race through the adventure in six or seven sessions. The aforementioned volunteers are:

Ed Morris- Urrel Two-Axe, a Dwarf slayer longing for a glorious death, or another keg of ale.

Rowland Cox- Otto Embarr, Pyromancer of the Bright Order, self appointed saviour and avatar of the twin tailed comet. (Or so he believes)

Chris Lucas- Kera of Ostermark. Of noble birth and common sense. Someone has to be.

Darren Bowley, Gorge von Ostwald- ‘The Butcher of Middenheim’ “When you’re talking to scum, you need to talk their language. And I speak scum”

Owen Barnes- Jurgen Heim, Dutiful Priest of Sigmar and man of easy faith.

How did our intrepid team do? Well, without giving away any plot secrets, we’ll do what we can to describe the indescribable.

Disorders gained: 1 (Delirious saviour)
Dwarf Ale drunk: 24 pints
Bribes offered: 3
Spell miscasts: 0
Halflings pummelled: 1 (bet you’re really proud of that one, Urrel)

Kera: “Well, Priest, did you find out anything useful at the Bawdy theatre?”
Jurgen: “Ah, I saw many wonders!”
Kera: (raising eyebrow) “and were these wonders wearing any clothes?”
Jurgen: “there were no women there…no, I saw something far greater!”
(Kera raises the other eyebrow. The drunken trollslayer starts spoiling for a fight in the background)
Jurgen: “There was a man, a bulbous sort of a fellow- and he had this cat- and, it could do such things as I have never seen in all my live long days! Why, it appeared from his sleeve, and then from his other sleeve he pulled a wondrous magical wand!
(The wizard begins to preach that he is the avatar of the Twin Tailed comet. Kera places her head in her hands)
Jurgen: Yes, and then he made some mystic passes over the head of the cat, and it began to dance! Yes, Dance in time with the music- I tell you, this cat could dance better than many a fellow I have seen in the Empire. It is a most marvellous animal. Perhaps I should buy it.”
(Kera looks around)
Kera: Barman! Bring Wine. And plenty of it.


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