Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Barony of the Damned- playtest session 2

We ran the second session of ‘Barony of the Damned’ last night, and a damn fine time we had. Braving zombies, peasants and pound a pint night, our party is loving Mousillon so much, they may never leave…

what's playtest?

Our worthy cast of players included:

Ed Morris- Urrel Two-Axe, the Dwarf slayer with a cunning plan.
Mal Green-‘Lucky’ Otto Embarr, Pyromancer of the Bright Order, and expert miscaster
Chris Lucas- Kera of Ostermark. A noble woman in search of her lost love, and some where clean to sit.
Rowland Cox, Gorge von Ostwald- ‘The Butcher of Middenheim’ bounty hunter and beloved of inbred hags everywhere
Owen Barnes- Jurgen Heim, Priest of Sigmar “I believe I can see through any deception a pig can lay before me”

What happened this week? Well, check out our spoiler free write up…

“I was hidin’ in woods near cordon sanitaire, waitin’ fer me moment to escape Mousillon when I sees the strangest bunch of travellers as I ever even heard of! Of course, they was Empire folk- which explained muchly. Anyhow, I followed ‘em- after all, one ‘ad horse an’ way they was walking, the undead were sure’n find an’ kill ‘em fore long.

An’ sure enough, they found the flesh eaters. The runty freak hacked a plenty of ‘em, an’ the Lady set her horse to stovin’ in their heads. The priest got in there with his ‘ammer, an the beardy one was free with ‘is crossbow- but the scribe…well…I never seen nothin’ like it! Fire flew outta his fingers and into the last flesh eater…stank like a hog roast it did! Still, it got the last laugh. Scratched him good it did. There’s another spellcaster as’ gonna catch the Red Pox…” -Pardue, Mousillon escapee

“Out, out! We’ll have no strangers here! Not after the last lot came through! Strange folk with their matching eyes and straight backs! Murdering scum! They a tried to lure us with their shinys too! They killed my son and stole my love! They fled upon the river road. You should do the same!” Blug the venerable, Elder of Puanteur

“I was thinking of converting these peasants, but I don’t think Sigmar wants them” –Jurgen Heim

Floupe the Frogwife: “Have you come to steal our maidens?”
Jurgen Heim: “No, oh! Gods, No!”-, (pushing Gorge forward)
Floupe (batting her ears at Gorge): “What a hansome eye this one has! Aye and whiskers too!”
Gorge von Ostwald: “Sweet maid…perhaps you can help…”
(Urrel and Otto vomit)
Kera: “Careful Gorge, it wants to breed"


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