Friday, October 14, 2005

Barony of the Damned: Playtest session 3

The third playtest session of ‘Barony of the Damned: An adventure in Mousillon’ took place last night- and what an explosive adventure it was!

what's playtest?

Our fine players were:

Ed Morris- Urrel Two-Axe, Dwarf slayer seeking his death against the beasts of Bretonnia- the muscle of the group.
Ben Misenar- Otto Embarr, Pyromancer and amateur apothecary- the smart guy and heavy artillery of the group.
Chris Lucas- Kera of Ostermark. A noble woman in search of her lost love, the front woman and voice of sanity in the party.
Chad Mierswa, Gorge von Ostwald- ‘The Butcher of Middenheim’ expert bounty hunter in search of his lost son- the sneaker and tracker of the party.
Owen Barnes- Jurgen Heim, Priest of Sigmar seeking converts- the healer and spiritual guide of the party.

Well, what impressions did our party leave behind them this time out? Read on for a spoiler free description…

“The guests said they was a-on a quest from the Duke of Lyonesse ‘imself-They said they was off ter the city ‘o Mousillon in a couple a’days. I tole ‘em they couldn’t take no ‘orses there- fer the city folk eat ‘orse on account o’ how they can’t get frog –Thule, Chateau Stable boy

“Visitors? Don’t talk to me about visitors! I’ve a mind to give up workin’ at the Chateau- there is some things a maid should never have to see!

They walks up to the Chateau bold as brass an’ they a’ask fer hospitality from m’lord- an’ what with ‘im being such a generous soul an’ all, he say’s ‘aye’-dispite the fact they was a poor lookin’ lot o’ foreigners- with their funny talk an’ their shameless manners! Any’ow, they’s a’all thick wi’ disease from the swamps an’ their immoral a’livin- so we feeds them- greedy lot they were too! - an’ puts ‘em up for the night.

Next day a couple of ‘em creep round the grounds, whilst the so called ‘lady’ lounges by the fire a’ reading, meanwhile Mr Scholar gets a Bright Idea outta one of the books about how he can rid ‘imself from the fever he’s carrying. Silly old fool- who believes what books ‘as ter say? Anyhow, ‘e thinks a spot of the old purgatives might force sickness out. Aye, you a’ heard right- he decides to do a purge! Any’ow muggings here ends up takin’ ‘im some toadstool- I mean I made up some rubbish about ‘ow it was some spice or other from far Araby, but it were just some redcaps the stable boy found on muckpile.

An’ after that, well, I got sick of a’runnin’ up and down the stairs wi’ chamber pots an’ towels. After the fifth time- I made the other maid go. Mr Scholar used just about every clean towel in the Chateau- I shall have a sow of a wash day next week!” –Isold the Chambermaid


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