Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The plot thickens…

So, last night we continued playtest with the human side of ‘Slaves of Destiny’

We’re running the adventure from the back of the ‘Children of the Horned Rat’ sourcebook so we can test the new character sheets we’ve been working on.

There are two groups playing through ‘Slaves of Destiny’- the human investigators and the Skaven trouble makers.

So far our human group have been sent to Dotternbach near Nuln, to investigate why a wool shipment has not come through. Without giving away too much of the various plots and intrigues, they’ve found plenty of mysterious questions- and not many answers! Why are the villagers scared? What has happened to the sheep? Who are the Tilians? Just what was in that pie?

Our party members were:

Che Webster- Maximillian Kalternbach, the Nuln thief who’s not afraid of mysterious tunnels
Owen Barnes- Bigby Badgerbane, Halfling agitator, and Axelbrand Scherer, lofty shovel holder who’s silent as the grave…
Rob Broom- Wolfhart Vogel, the military historian finally getting a chance to see some action!
Rowland Cox- Hermann Baumann, impetuous messenger who is gradually falling under the spell of the seditious Halfling!

The Quote Book

Wolfhart: “Well, now, if we do run into trouble, why, we’re all men here! We can hide behind Hermann.”

Maximillian: “You know Bigby, you’re not really doing much to sort things out here”
Bigby: “Well, the ills I right are on a large, grand scale- not this sort of grass roots, ground level stuff”
Wolfhart: “But you’re a Halfling- the one thing you know is ground level!”

Hermann: “I smell self preservation”
Bigby: “I thought it was pie”

Hermann: “Well, we’ve done a good night’s work, and I’ve bled a good night’s blood”

Rowland- I ride up the hill with my lantern lit, singing loudly to cause a distraction
Hermann: (singing) “She was only the Ostermark’s Daughter, every solider wanted to… (censored)
Wolfhart: “Taal’s teeth Hermann, you’re so loud the bloody Emperor will be turning up on his Griffon in a minute”
Hermann: “Why, does he know the second verse?”

Maximillian: “Has anyone got a rope?”
Bigby: “I’ve got the remains of a pie…”

Hermann: “Stay with the horse, but be stealthy”
Bigby: “Well, I could strap myself to its side and pretend to be a growth”


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