Friday, February 24, 2006

Slaves of Destiny, Skaven session 2!

Our nefarious Skaven group got together last night to slink through the tangled plots and twisting events of ‘Slaves of Destiny’

This adventure from the ‘Children of the Horned Rat’ sourcebook is being played from two perspectives- human investigators and Skaven infiltrators.

Not only are we having a romp with the rules for Skaven PC’s, we’re also play testing a new character sheet.

Our dirty rats were:

Chris Lucas- Ritchet- the biggest, fattest boss rat of the group
Ed Morris- Skerrit Slee- the sneaky, strangely brave Skaven
Mal Green- Throlk- The clan Moulder Packmaster with an excitement problem
Dave Allen- Meffitt Ikk- (Almost) as sneaky as a Clan Eshin Assassin…

The story so far

Having been sent to Dotternbach by a Grey Seer, the pack has been busy at their secret task. Their efforts, however, have been stymied by the seditious thoughts contained within one of the Halfling agitator’s leaflets. Forcing an unfortunate slave to read the contents of the leaflet has opened the pack’s eyes to a world where might is not right… Ratboss Ritchet is not pleased! Discipline has had to be enforced- particularly after Skerrit Slee attempted to sneak away whilst his pack mates slept, fleeing back to Nuln to claim the glory for a completed mission…

Throlk- “You hurt slave!”
Skerrit Slee- “Gangrene won’t kill him before working pits will”

Mal Green- “we can’t do that, if we go that far we’ll fall off the map”

Richet- “I take man-thing armour- if it fit!”
Throlk- “Probably bit big- mind you, it fit you…as you so fat…oh glorious leader”

Meffitt Ikk- “Man thing read paper! If you do, you see sun one more time before work pits!”
Throlk- “Meffitt Ikk too kind to slave-thing”
Meffit Ikk- “Ha! Meffitt give reward and punishment in one!”

Richet- “Is day-outside bright?”
Throlk- “Yes! Moon is on fire!”

Meffitt Ikk- “Man-thing, what is ‘Vote’?
Slave- “Ah, it’s where everyone gets a piece of the power…the group gets to decide what happens, not the leader…it means you don’t have to do what you don’t want to do…”
Meffitt Ikk- “Aaah…”
Throlk- “Hmm…”
Skerrit Slee- “Interesting…”
Richet- “No-no! Stupid man-thing idea stupid! No pack work like that! Ha, no wonder you man-things become slaves of Richet if think stupid thought like that! Boss in charge is right way! RIGHT WAY!”
Meffitt Ikk- “Yes-yes fat leader- ah! - sleek leader, yes, boss sleek, not fat at all…”

Chris Lucas- “Frankly, I’m impressed we made it to the second session before infighting broke out”

Ed Morris- “Lets face it, it can’t get any worse- you might as well call on the favour of the Horned Rat”


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