Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Phone call excerpts

As those who follow our forums might already know, our big book of all things Chaos- The Tome of Corruption- is starting to mutate into it's final form.

We've got a cover for it, plus plenty of text and rules just oozing with unpleasant detail.

We're starting to get really excited about the book, even though it's not out until Autumn. So, in an effort to share the chaos, ah... love about, heres some quotes from our recent conversations

BI: So, how is Tome of Corruption going Hal?
Hal Mangold: Oh,'s like 300lb of ugly squeezed into a 30lb flesh sac
BI: Ughh...
Hal Mangold: No, it's going to be great- wait til you see the pustulent skin textures!

Mike: I want a Puny, Pointy headed mutant with Strange Walk and a Chaos Organ
Dave: What for?
Mike: Its about the only thing my character could kill

BI: So Rob, why all the references to rancid ham?
Rob Schwalb: Oh man, it's the most repellent thing ever...
BI: I can think of worse
Rob Schwalb: Not after you hear this story you won't... (censored to protect readers of a delicate nature)

Passer-by looking at the cover art: Is that a Goat? What are all the masks about? It's a bit 'Frankie goes to Hollywood- Relax' video isn't it?

Editor: I don't think we should be endorsing whaling in our books
Kate Flack: It's Norsca...besides, have you read the rest of the book? I think Whaling is the least of our politically correct worries.

BI: Blood replaced by eyeless white mice...Rob, what were you doing to come up with that?
Rob Schwalb: Ah...the mice...that was a good day


Blogger Andrew said...

So when do we get to see the cover for the Tome of Frankie Goes to Hollywood?

And the mice might be disturbing, but I know there's worse in there you sick sick puppies ...

8:28 pm  

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