Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Early Days

Mal Green – Gideon Funter. A travelling classics scholar, learning all he can about ancient texts. At least that’s what he’s telling people until he gets a license to practice cryptoclastic thaumaturgy.
Kate Flack – Alexa Drull. A young smuggler taking wine from Altdorf to Talagaad. Gobby as a Frogwife. Annoyed about having her boat sunk.
Christian Byrne – Heinrich Klein. Give him a shave, some decent clothes and a few week’s feeding up, and he’d look like the spitting image of a certain Herr Leibrung.
George Mann – Alcar. Has left the town of Delberz since a friend went missing. Always on the lookout for freebies. An Elf. Already getting grief about being an Elf from other party members (Alexa: “You lot are all wizards and princes ain’t you – lovely ears though”).

Ed Morris – Kurt Heidel. Leaving Ahlenhof to avoid his creditors (or as he tells the rest of the party “due to an indiscretion with a lady”).
Owen Barnes – Hans Gottreid. He just wants to get to Altdorf to sell some herbs, but he might be distracted by the prospect of easily made oodles of cash.

So it's a quiet night in the Inn before getting a coach trip in the morning...

Gideon: Don’t you lot worship a woman?
Phillippe: They venerate the Tilean war goddess 'ere do they not? And our Shallya? And the goddesses Rhya and Verena, non? 'Ere in your Empire? Non? Allez! While they get your supper ready oo is up for a few 'ands of Pavarron Twist?
Alexa: I will.
Phillipe: Oh, you wish to gamble with the men do you mademoiselle? ‘Ow eccentrique!
Kurt: I’m in too. (Looses)
Phillipe: Ah, you are unlucky monsieur! Again? Oh, unlucky! Again? Oh, unlucky! Again…

A coach trip to Altdorf is obtained, though when it starts to rain the party are glad they all bought tents as part of their starting equipment. Alcar the elf is soon in for a shock though...

Alcar: I don’t know what’s become of him, he was Rolf, a… friend I made in Delberz. Some foul black magic has transformed him into a hideous undead creature! I feel bad about it, but he is perhaps better off now that he is finally slain.

Our brave and competent heroes enter combat with the foe...

Mal: I cast “drop” on the mutant with the crossbow.
GM: OK, are you Channelling?
Mal: Yes.
GM: Roll under your willpower.
Mal: Oops!
GM: Using an ingredient?
Mal: No.
GM: Make a casting roll.
Mal: It’s a one.
GM: Make another willpower test.
Mal: Oops!
GM: Gain an Insanity Point.

And make a shocking discovery...

Alexa: Heinrich, you got a brother?
Heinrich: Yes.
Alexa: This ‘im?
Heinrich: Sigmar’s Arse! No, no wait… he isn’t.

After someone who can actually read is called over...

Alexa: Twenty thousand Karls! We’ll be rich! Rich I tell yer!!!

It's always useful to call on the expertise of handy NPCs...

Gideon: Our friend is hurt – you’re a physician, what can you do for him?
Ernst: Um, I’m only studying to be a physician, all I really know about thusfar is leeches.
Gideon: Well you must have more knowledge on the subject than any of us!
Ernst: Erm, well, I suggest he gets some rest.
Gideon: Rest! He’s got a crossbow bolt stuck in his lung!

Altdorf proves welcoming...

Guard of the Estate’s Gatehouse: Zer Crown Prince hass already left, but I do not tsink he vud haf vonted such a rag tag bunch in his employ anyvay. Look at you, unt frauline, unt scruffy elf. You! You did not even arrange to bring a sword did you? And you! Did you seek an interview with ze Crown Prince covered in grass stains?

Alexa: I saw you, you were making signs at my mate Kastor. What do you want with my mate Kastor, eh?
Man with Itchy Ear: Erm, Kastor eh? (Scratches left ear with right little finger furiously whilst looking directly at Heinrich).
Alexa: That’s a rude gesture in Tilea, that is!


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