Monday, April 03, 2006

Gearing up for another campaign

Spring is here, and it's a time to clean out all those cobwebs and dusty old dice- that's why we're gearing up for a nice bit of campaign play over the next few months.

We've had some frenetic fun playtesting adventures, but the time has come to kick back, relax and play some good old fashioned 'Just because we can' games.

They say a change is as good as a rest and our GM, Dave, is certainly doing things differently with this game. Not only have we got to pick our careers rather than roll them (admittedly, he did say 'we need a wizard and someone who can handle a boat') we've also been sat down individually to create our characters- rather than rolling in a group.

It's suprising how you get into gaming habits without even noticing. Faced with a choice of WFRP characters- rather than fickle fate forcing one on you- has been a little odd. Where previously there were random roll there's just free choice! As a result we've all put a little more thought into our PC's. Some of use are even painting up some minatures.

However, the highlight so far certainly has to be shopping for trappings.

Dave has created a sheet of Empire coins (taken from the Old World Armoury) cut them out and then doled them out to us. There has been haggling, outrage and much downgrading of quality levels in the attempt to get properly equipped. (Mal, we're looking at you with your poor quality ink) Thank Sigmar you get your starting clothing for free- I'm sure some of us would have said 'ah, I can do without Breeches- why, I could make some!" It's funny how seeing the coins there in front of you somehow makes you reluctant to spend.

We're all looking forward to the new game and a change of pace... more next week!


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