Monday, March 27, 2006

Damn you White Dwarf!

Oh issue 316, curse your 128 glossy pages!

Not only do you cover the new Warhammer Giant in juicy detail (so many possible permutations, so little time) but also the Mordheim Frenzied Mob

We had our painting all planned out!

We were happy pootling away on our Sisters of Battle ->

And after we finished that, we had some Dark Heresy action planned with the
witch hunter warband

Now we'll be forced to buy the frenzied mob to use as NPC's and characters for our WFRP games (especially as Dave is gearing up to run a well known campaign)

Gah! The best laid plans of mice and men...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's bad enough that the quality of white dwarf has plummeted recently but do you have to ram it down our throats?

7:53 pm  
Blogger Stuart Kerrigan said...

Less WFB, more WFRP please.

11:52 am  

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