Saturday, March 18, 2006

Thanks and shout outs

Well, thanks to everyone who came by our booth at GTS- it was good talking to you guys.

We had a load of feedback about 40k roleplay- and on how WFRP has been doing this past year. All in all a great show!

We got to eat Brazilian barbecue with Chris Pramas, Rob Schwalb and Hal Mangold, inside a giant plantain shaped restraunt whilst drinking Caprihnias as big as our heads. Of course, anyone who has been to Las Vegas will know that this sort of thing is par for the course- as is giant animatronic frogs and crocodile skin covered walls.

That aside, some special thanks goes out to Marc Aquino- for the 40k chat, Alex Weber for the organized play stuff, Angus from Leisure Games for the great tea chat, Henry Lopez for all round charm, Steve Wieck for the drivethru rundown and of course Alex from Mongoose as a fellow Englishman abroad.

A busy, interesting, exciting, exhausting time was had by all- we can't wait til next year, when 40k roleplay will be on our stand and in the shops.

More on 40k roleplay once we've recovered.

-The Black Industries team.


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