Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Shadows Under Bögenhafen

Well the party have reached a crucial point of the campaign now as they embark on the trail of an escaped greenskin and explore an exciting environment. Just to recap the members:

Mal Green – Gideon Funter (Apprentice Grey Wizard). The Shadowmancer in training with a talent for falling into effluent channels.
Kate Flack – Alexa Drull (Smuggler looking to go into Charlatanry). Still haggling over the price of a pie despite about to become stinking rich (or maybe just stinking).
Christian Byrne – Heinrich Klein (Seaman with an eye to learning how to become a mate). The first one to fall in.
George Mann – Alcar (Thief). “I’m not going down there!”

Ed Morris – Kurt Heidel (Gambler). Ed should console himself with the fact that every party needs a member who can’t pass a test.
Owen Barnes – Hans Gottreid (Herbalist). Perhaps the preparation of some aromatic herbs might come in handy now...

George couldn’t make it this week, but it was easy to figure out a way for his character to take a back seat for the session...

Alcar: So, what’s a sewer?

The importance of adequate trappings is expounded on...

Alexa: I thought I had some rope, but I only have string.
Gideon: Get plaiting.

Some Goblin bait is procured from the livestock market...

Gideon: The air smells fouler here.
Alexa: It’s the chicken.
GM: Bok! Bok! B-aaaawk!

Some dark secrets are revealed...

Hans: An Elf covered in cess... now that’s something I’d pay to see.
Gideon: I have paid to see that!

It’s always good to make sure your players are having a good time...

GM: So how are you enjoying the WFRP dungeon bash?
Christian: When do we come across the big see-through cube?
GM: Seeing as you mention it (has amoeba attack Heinrich).

This one's a bit of an in-joke I'm afraid...

GM: Does anyone have Sixth Sense?
Kate: Is that a talent?
Ed: Well you wouldn't believe it, but I'm Lucky!

The eager party are tutored on some of the finer points of etiquette...

GM: Future mega-rich Old Worlders do not visit their lawyers covered in cess.
Ed: When we have our 20,000 Karls we can visit the lawyers in what we like.
Mal: We can make them wear cess!

At the end of play the Gongometer gave the following reading...

Alexa: Fell in once.
Hans: Fell in twice.
Heinrich: Fell in twice.
Kurt: Fell in twice. Splashed once.
Gideon: Fell in four times. Splashed twice.


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