Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The WFRP birthday Bash!

Some time ago we asked our forum folk to come up with some great ideas on what
we could do to celebrate the first birthday of WFRP2.

We had loads of great suggestions- from launching our office furniture with a trebuchet to 24 hour gaming marathons. Sadly, we could only pick a couple of winners- and they were Thomas Aagaard for inviting us to his Live action Warhammer battle, Kasper Brohus for suggesting giving a little something back and putting up some money off deals on our website, and of course Eric Stone for suggesting an evening of curry, booze and hilarity.

We promised to give you a progress report on how the big party went- so here it is!

Friday night in sunny Nottingham started out inside Bugmans Bar (our on site pub) where the catering Halflings had done us proud with two steaming vats of curry, onion bahjis poppadoms and even little tiny naan bread. You can see from the pics that this was exactly the sort of meal any self respecting Warhammer PC's would be falling over themselves to guzzle.

Of course, curry wasn't the only thing on Eric's list- there was of course lashings of beer, wine and a huge cake- the size of two WFRP books across... Needless to say, with 20 or so folks who had all had a hand in getting WFRP made there, it lasted about as long as a rat in a Rumster's pie factory.

Stomachs lined, we then had speeches. There were lots of people to thank- chaps like Christian Dunn, who got the cover drawn, Darius Hinks, who made the logo, the Sales Guys- here and in the US- who actually got the book into gaming stores, Rowland Cox- master of the schedule, All our Moderators, Simon Butler and Ewan Lamont, Marc Gascgoine, Green Ronin, Alan Merrett, Gav Thorpe, Rick Priestly and John Blanche, the web guys oh... and loads more folk. Needless to say, there was some heckling...but thankfully no bahji fights broke out.

After a few more libations, a few folk started to fail their stinking drunk rolls, and went home, but the rest of us, stout of heart and iron of liver solidered on, moving up the Nottingham canal to The Trip to Jerusalem and Via Fossa. Barges were encountered on the way, but remained safely unsunk.

Ragnar's kilt attracted some attention from a screeching hen party, but he survived the encounter physically unscathed. (though everyone who watched gained an insanity point) Then, just to annoy the GM...ah...reporter the group divided. Some flagging souls headed home, some went off to get changed into best quality clothes and others headed off to hunt the elusive beast known as Kashp'oint.

So, having fended off harpies, outwitted cunning number puzzles, travelled upriver, consumed brown and lumpy food as well as much beer, the party felt the need to head somewhere dark, dank and cavernous. Our sticky floored goal was soon identified as The Cookie Club, and having slipped through a door guarded by a large, threatening Ogre, we made our way inside to enjoy some of the critical hits of the 80's. We got to practice some of our skills and talents- Strike Mighty Pose, Secret Signs (your round) Lip Reading, Blather and even Flee! (if you were there you know what we mean)

By 2am the party was tired, spattered in unspecified dance floor muck, and much reduced in numbers. It was all we could do to trudge home and ponder just how much experience we'd earned, and how it would affect our next career.

Who knows what next years will be like? Get your thinking caps on...

-BI Dev Team


Blogger YankeeOrk said...

I'm glad all of you enjoyed your party! Thank you for the cool Warhammer books. When are the undead arriving? Cheers,

Eric Stone

4:21 am  

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