Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Holidays

So, Christmas is nearly upon us, and new year too.

What a time we've had over 2006. It's been a crazy, busy, exciting year.

Our team has got bigger, we've given out awards at the Ennies, we've changed our website, released a ton of books and of course worked our Aquilla covered socks off on 'Dark Heresy'.

In the last few days before we close our offices, we've taken the time to slow down a little and indulge in some fine pies and ale.

We've had no less than three Christmas dinners already, ranging from an almighty trough down in the canteen to picnic in the office to 'nosh and nightclub' in Nottingham city center.

We've had all manner of cards and things from people- with our fave being the Green Ronin xmas samurai.

All that really remains is to send season's greetings to all our readers, and leave you with a little hint of what 2007 will herald:

In the twelve months of next year,
Our fans are going to see,
Dark Masters lurking,
Demo teams working,
Liche lords a-luring,
Priestess’ curing,
Eight winds a-blowing,
Kislev a-snowing
In Realm of the Ice Queen!,
More Blog posts,
Two Dice Tins,
One Salvation Tome,
(your rumour here)
And the release of Dark Heresy!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And no use of the DCU license. Bah humbug.

DC fans should write DC and parent company Warner Bros and ask if there is a game company out there willing to produce a quality RPG to those who wish to buy it.

9:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In regards to the DCU licence...

Surely it makes sense for BI to establish themselves (through WFRP, and through 40kRP) before they start work on something and big and ambitious as a DC Universe RPG. I've seen plenty of decent RPGs vanish without a trace because the company making it couldn't shift any copies of it...

5:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Though I must say I wouldn't mind BI concentrating their efforts on the Warhammer games, and leaving DC (a game I'm completely uninterested in) to some other publisher: Few game companies can do more than one game right. :-)

9:59 am  

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