Friday, February 09, 2007

Heresy Update

So, how is Dark Heresy going? Well, we're all disgustingly excited by the career sketches that have just come in. Some cracking work by Andrea Uderzo!Somehow it just makes it all the more real- here are all those characters we've been slaving away to design careers for.One of the cool things about Dark Heresy is the careers stuff we've worked out- think WFRP but customisable. They're a real pig to design and balance, but are a joy to play. Get your XP, decide what route you want to take and bam! All the exciting 'shopping' hit you get from planning a WFRP career, but with the ability to link it to what's actually been happening to your character.Ah, but we can't talk about it any more until we come to officially introduce you to each of the careers (what an exiting couple of months that will be!) So, Instead we'll have to sign off and leave you slightly tantalised...


Blogger Albrecht said...

I seem to remember hearing this before, and I seem to remember leaving a response before.

By the Emperors shiny doorknobs, I've developed precognitive psychic powers!

I'm sure I'm was going to ask to be a little more tantalised, but I feel that I will survive without it... I have foreseen it.

1:58 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

gee thats nice.. maybe now you can get around to finishing the book so my Amazon pre-order will be worth something

4:05 am  

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