Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Barony of the Damned: Playtest session 6

Session six of the Barony of the Damned playtest took place last night- and a dank and bloody affair it was!

For those not in the know, ‘Playtesting’ is a stage in developing an RPG adventure- where people sit down and play through the adventure to see how the plot flows, if there are any missing sections and if anything else is needed to make the adventure more complete.

We’ve rounded up folk who have enough spare time (and very understanding partners) for a twice a week roleplay marathon- we had hoped to finish things off in six sessions, but looks like it’ll be seven... Anyhow, our obliging playtesters are:

Ed Morris- Urrel Two-Axe, a Dwarf slayer ready to meet his end in battle- “It’s a good day to die”

Rowland Cox- Otto Embarr, Pyromancer of the Bright Order, learned wizard and purveyor of flaming death

Chris Lucas- Kera of Ostermark. A noble lady, stout of sword and shield arm.

Chad Mierswa, Gorge von Ostwald- Bounty hunter, marksman and ‘Butcher of Middenheim’

Owen Barnes- Jurgen Heim, Priest of Sigmar, devout of purpose and mindful of Morr.

What happened this session? Well, as we are right at the end of the action, we’ll have to keep the plot under wraps…this transcript of play will have to do you until our final session on Tuesday…

Beggar: Have mercy sir- I’ve only got one leg
Gorge: And if you want to keep it you’ll sod off!


Dying man: Have them spread my ashes in the well near the Grail chapel…I don’t want to rise again from the grave
Jurgen: There, there, you’ll be fine. We’ll have you up in no time
Gorge: (in Reikspiel) I don’t know Jurgen, that’s a nasty gut wound…
Jurgen: (also in Reikspiel) Oh, we always say that. Part of the training.
Gorge: This is definitely the last time I trust a Priest.

The Whims of Tzeentch- an out of character interlude

Rowland: I’ve been trying to cast this damn fireball for four rounds now!
Owen: Use more dice- there’s nothing to loose
Ed: Hey Owen, you working for Tzeentch now?
Owen: No, Sigmar just wants him to reach his true potential. And maybe flambé the bad guys…
Rowland: Ah stuff it, I’m using all three dice!
(Chad shakes his head)
Ed: He’s always wanted tentacles.
(Rowland makes his casting roll)
Rowland (fists in the air): YEEEEEEAAH!
Ed: 10, 9 and 8- that’s the best roll you could have possibly made
Rowland: Gah! Why didn’t I cast ‘Breathe Fire’? Tzeentch mocks me!
Owen: That’s the way of the Ruinous Powers my friend.
Rowland: What? You told me to do it, Priest
Owen: Yeah, I’m feeling a bit guilty about the whole priest thing. I was thinking of making my next career ‘Charlatan’…
Chad: That settles it- that's definitely the last time I trust a Priest.


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