Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Idiom, Sir

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is full of colourful phrases.

We purposely put in a load of common sayings and slang to help roleplayers get into playing their characters. In the rule book we put in some basic, universal stuff- slang for money, ways to invoke the Gods, star sign nonsense and so on.

Some of them are based on real phrases, others are completely made up. We didn’t want to just lift real turns of phrase and put them in. Instead we tried to twist and turn things on their head.

So, terms like ‘Brass’ ‘muck’ and ‘Where there’s muck there’s Halflings’ all come from a phrase from the North of England- ‘Where there’s muck there’s brass’ (Where there is hard, dirty work there is money to be made) ‘Shrapnel’ was originally an army term for the coins left over in your pockets after a night out on the town- so we co-opted it to mean a handful of brass pennies.

We continued this in ‘Sigmar’s Heirs’ where we gave provincial sayings based along the same grounds. Thus phrases like ‘A right little scrumper’ are based on a real word from the West of England- ‘Scrumping’ (the act of stealing apples from someone else’s orchard) ‘Sliced him from withers to brisket’ mixed two terms from Ostlery and Butchery- ‘Withers’ being between the shoulder blades of a horse, whilst ‘Brisket’ is rib meat.

Our Bretonnian book, ‘Knights of the Grail’ will continue this- with phrases like ‘A whirlpool in a wine glass’- based on ‘Storm in a teacup’ (a great fuss about nothing) and ‘Born with a sword in his hand’ from ‘Born with a silver spoon in his mouth’ (born into riches) and many more, which no doubt you’ll see when we do some previews of the book next year.

Some fans have written to us already, asking us to collate them all and put them out in a dictionary. We’re not likely to do that for a while- we’d need to cover a lot more of the old world first!

Honestly…some people…they want the moon on a stick…

-The BI Team


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