Friday, November 04, 2005

New books in the office

It's been a hectic year for us.

We've made an awful lot of books so far.

Some have been great to work on- others have not been so fun- but either way, we're still excited by the things we do. Some industry folk advised us that we'd get pretty jaded about new books arriving at the office 'by the time you're up to product four or five' Well, that's not happened to us yet.

Realms of Sorcery is book eleven for us (if you count the GM screen and Character Pack) and we still stopped everything to huddle round the new shiny book the moment the shipment came in.

To be honest, even at the proofing stage on ROS we were doing the same thing- you can see the well thumbed printing proofs in the picture below. The cover for the book- a wrap round piece by Ralph Horsley- was so detailed we decided to reprint it in full between the introduction and the start of the book. Usually we arrange things so that the back cover of a wrap round piece has blankish space for the blurb text- but Ralph did such a good job we couldn't bring ourselves to let his work go unseen.

The scene should be familiar to anyone who has ever rolled 'Uninvited Company' on the Tzeentch's curse table. We figured any rule that allows daemons to rip their way through the fabric of reality to devour foolish wizards should be celebrated. This is Warhammer after all...

Sharp eyed fans, of course, might notice some of the characters from this picture in next year's chaos book 'The Tome of Corruption' Magic- as we all know- is a dangerous thing...but more on that later...


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