Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cool new stuff

So, after a week out with Green Ronin we're getting back up to speed with all the new books that are coming in.

Forges of Nuln- the third part of the 'Paths of the Damned' trilogy- is purring along at the printers, whilst the first layout drafts of 'Knights of the Grail: A guide to Bretonnia' have come in- and what a great sight they are!

The first draft stage of a book is always exciting, as you get the first taste of what the final thing is going to look like. Typically, the first draft has a rough idea of layout, some of the finished art and the right colours on the page. It's not a work of beauty- but it's a start.

We took a chance on some new artists in this book, - a couple of French guys with a good bunch of credits to their name- as well as some tried and tested artists. It may seem odd, but these guys have really made the book for us. David Chart has done some excellent writing- from Truffle Hounds to Herrimaults to matters of honour- and the illustrations really set the text off. They've just got the right 'feel' to them.

We were definitely aiming for a book with a similar layout and level of detail as 'Sigmar's Heirs' but with that indefinable Bretonnian feel. Different, yet still intriguing. Useful for GM's, but also handy for players with Bretonnian PC's. It still has the sections on religion, sayings, justice, careers, provinces and such but they're all sufficiently different from the Empire setting to make a real contrast. Hopefully people will have alot of fun with it.

Debate in the office about the best picture so far is currently split between a picture
of a questing Knight and a Pat Loboyko piece showing a Shepherd with his flock
("surely the greatest depiction of sheep anywhere in Warhammer") There's still a couple of pieces yet to come in, so maybe another picture will start to vie for our affections...

No doubt if any of it proves particularly popular with fans, we'll make some wallpapers up for folks to download.

Anyway, more on this book as further versions come in...

-The BI Dev team


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