Monday, November 14, 2005

Green Ronin visit

If you've been looking at our official website, you'll know that the guys from
Green Ronin have been over to see us at our Nottingham offices.

Normally we see each other at conventions like GenCon Indy, Origins and so on. The hectic atmosphere of conventions doesn't really lend itself to planning and discussing the nuances of a game, so we like to get together once or twice a year to really chew the fat.

So, we've spent a week looking over what we've done, what we did well, what we could improve and what we want to do next. Everything from thickness of paper to high concept strategy gets put on the table, prodded poked and questioned. Feedback from shop owners, players, sales guys, our forums, playtesters and the like all get taken into account. So, if you're wondering why this blog hasn't been updated- it's because we've been going over every square inch of what Black Industries does with a fine tooth comb.

its tiring work- jetlag notwithstanding- but we still managed to get some after hours fun into the ram packed schedule.

Kate and Rob managed to find time to run round some of the caves that riddle the city of Nottingham- all in the name of research. 'Terror in Talabheim' will certainly see the benefits! An evening in Revolution vodka bar may well yield similar results for a sourcebook we'll no doubt be announcing soon.

Chris, Nicole and Rob also got to roam around Warhammer world, the GW studio and the new figure museum as well as sink a pint in Bugmans- our company pub (and playtest venue) We managed to laden all of Green Ronin down with all manner of novels, art books and army guides. As you can see from the photo Rob Schwalb did particularly well out of this- but then, he is writing the big chaos book (Tome of Corruption) so we figure he could use all the heretical inspiration he can get...

-The Black Industries Team


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