Monday, November 21, 2005

Forges of Nuln- some details

The final part of the 'Paths of the Damned' trilogy- Forges of Nuln- is pretty much finished now (all bar the proofing) so there's a bit more time for the Black Industries dev team to do some write ups for this blog.

For those of you not acquainted with 'Paths of the Damned' this is a series of three adventures that lead the party across the Empire in a bid to rid themselves of an immortal enemy. The first two books in the series- Ashes of Middenheim and Spires of Altdorf- are already out. The final part -'Forges of Nuln'- will be out next year.

We had alot of fun with this book. It's a tough thing to wrap up an epic campaign in a satisfying way- especially as the first thing players always do is the last thing you expect- but writer Rob Schwalb has done his damnedest to keep things covered from all angles.

Plot aside (as we don't want to spoil things for you) the setting really comes alive with all the little details about Nuln life that litter the city description. Coffee and coffee shops get a passing mention (and at 33gc a pound a fleeting mention is about all the average Joe can afford) as do two new careers- the chimneysweep as an urban alternative to the charcoal burner and of course the Dung collector- for when Rat Catcher just isn't foul enough.

Our favorite thing though is the customs and parades that litter Nuln life- from the revelry everytime a seige train leaves town to the naming of freshly forged Guns. They're fun, evocative and have that slightly skewed bizarreness that Warhammer should have. hopefully GM's will have as much fun running them as we did writing them!

-The BI Dev team


Anonymous Jens said...

It is very well you had a productive day, but it seem that the black industires web site has disapeard. In fact it seems that the domain has expired!!!

Just a heads up

11:39 am  
Blogger BI Dev Team said...

thanks jens- we're all over it.

Should have our site up and running real soon

12:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BI is dead and buried. Their site won't come back up any time soon... (FFG is the new license holder)

3:00 pm  

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