Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The things people say

Making role-playing games is somewhat like the wheel of Dread and Pleasure. There are some great highs, and some terrible lows.

Getting thoughts, opinions and feedback from fans is always a mixed pleasure. Some people can’t be kind enough, whilst others hate what you’ve done with a passion. Most folk fall somewhere in between- but whatever the case, we have to listen. It’s part of the job.

You can’t make something better if you don’t know what people like or didn’t like about it. That’s why it’s always useful to sit in on gaming- or watch people pick up and look over a book for the first time.

We were at an English convention called Dragonmeet last weekend. It’s a smallish affair- attendance about 600 and odd- held in Kensington, London. Sitting in on the gaming, and watching the guys with their brand new copies of Realms of Sorcery reminded us of all the great (and not so great) comments we’ve heard in the past. And what’s a blog for if it’s not for sharing? Here’s our favourite list of fan comments:

“Is it d20?”
-Every show we’ve ever done

“Hey look, an index!”
-Origins 2005

Fan one-“is it d20?”
Fan two- “Nah, d10.
Fan one- So it’s half as complicated?”
-GenCon Indy 2005

“Killed in a gore drenched fashion…wow…critical hits are cool!”
-GenCon Indy 2005

“Why isn’t it d20?”
-Every show we’ve ever done

Player one: “eyes made out of mushrooms? That’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever read”
Player two “wait till you read this bit”
-Dragonmeet 2005

“I’m so glad it’s not d20”
-Every show we’ve ever done

“I love the rule that lets the GM throw the book at players”
-Origins 2005

“Man, this game could rock. If only it was d20”
-Every show we’ve ever done

“Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. When masochism isn’t enough”
-GenCon Indy 2005

Guy one: “Look at the size of that pad of character sheets- do you go through characters that quickly?”
Guy two: “You’ve clearly never played”
GenCon UK 2005


Anonymous Sleepymagpie, aka ben. said...

Do you really get lots of people come up to you and want it to be D20?

4:56 pm  
Blogger BI Dev Team said...

yep, whenever we are at shows, d20 comes up one way or another... kind of like a halfling pie come to think of it.

4:59 pm  
Anonymous Vonbloodbath said...

That's offal!







11:27 pm  
Anonymous John C said...

Thanks for coming out to Dragonmeet. I was one of the players (the tomb raider halfling ;-) and I wasn't sure you were there in any official capacity, so I didn't want to bug you.

Its nice to see an interest taken and not just declaring products 'from on high', as it were.

I was amused that all four copies of ROS with all the suppliers got sold within the first 30 mins of the event to the people around the table - had there have been more, I would have bought one, but they beat me to it!

11:21 am  
Anonymous Alea said...

So tell me, why isn't WFRP2 D20?


(Just in case no one on this blog had asked yet)

11:08 pm  
Anonymous The not BI team dev said...

Guess Warhammer isent d20 off the same reason D&D dint buy the licence to the old warhammer rules

3:58 pm  

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