Friday, December 09, 2005

There's something in the air...

Every so often, our office building is surrounded by...well... a strange smell.

It's a curious thing- it's not sewerage, or gas or chemicals or anything unpleasant. It's a sort of sweet yeasty aroma- not unlike cooking, but certainly not food.

The Green Ronin guys commented on it when they were last over. They figured it had to be a brewery- but there aren't any near our office. The answer remained a mystery.

Over the weeks since the visit, we've been pondering what it could be. Perhaps Bugmans (our pub) or even the canteen? Maybe some sort of concentrated new book smell from the warehouse? Glue from the hobby department? The fevered brows of the Black Library guys? The sweet smell of senario competition sucess? Perhaps (as the number of colds, coughs and lurgys aorund the office will attest) some foul nurgling was nesting in our air conditioning unit... perhaps... perhaps...perhaps...


None of these options were true.

Today the mystery was solved.

Turns out there's a cigarette factory down the road. It's roasting tobacco we can smell.

Ah well. Least that explains why we miss it when it's gone.

-The BI Dev Team.


Blogger Nikchick said...

Fascinating! Roasting Tobacco smells very similar to roasting hops. Who knew?

8:06 pm  

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