Monday, March 27, 2006

Damn you White Dwarf!

Oh issue 316, curse your 128 glossy pages!

Not only do you cover the new Warhammer Giant in juicy detail (so many possible permutations, so little time) but also the Mordheim Frenzied Mob

We had our painting all planned out!

We were happy pootling away on our Sisters of Battle ->

And after we finished that, we had some Dark Heresy action planned with the
witch hunter warband

Now we'll be forced to buy the frenzied mob to use as NPC's and characters for our WFRP games (especially as Dave is gearing up to run a well known campaign)

Gah! The best laid plans of mice and men...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Thanks and shout outs

Well, thanks to everyone who came by our booth at GTS- it was good talking to you guys.

We had a load of feedback about 40k roleplay- and on how WFRP has been doing this past year. All in all a great show!

We got to eat Brazilian barbecue with Chris Pramas, Rob Schwalb and Hal Mangold, inside a giant plantain shaped restraunt whilst drinking Caprihnias as big as our heads. Of course, anyone who has been to Las Vegas will know that this sort of thing is par for the course- as is giant animatronic frogs and crocodile skin covered walls.

That aside, some special thanks goes out to Marc Aquino- for the 40k chat, Alex Weber for the organized play stuff, Angus from Leisure Games for the great tea chat, Henry Lopez for all round charm, Steve Wieck for the drivethru rundown and of course Alex from Mongoose as a fellow Englishman abroad.

A busy, interesting, exciting, exhausting time was had by all- we can't wait til next year, when 40k roleplay will be on our stand and in the shops.

More on 40k roleplay once we've recovered.

-The Black Industries team.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

So, if you've been checking out our website, you'll know by now that we're doing Warhammer 40,000 roleplay.

We've come to the GAMA trade show in LasVegas to give folks the low down on just what we're getting up to.

It should be a good show- we're expecting to spend a ton of time answering questions, talking about the game and of course wandering in and out of casinos.

We've already hit Caeser's palace, The Bellagio, Wynn, Paris Paris, The Luxor, Manderlay Bay and oh, much more more. What with the Jetlag and the crazy sights of Vegas it's all a bit of a blur.

Tomorrow night, we're taking the guys from Green Ronin out for slap up food and drinks- both to celebrate the big announcement, and to spread the WFRP birthday cheer. We don't think we're be able to get hold of an orc shaped cake, like the Birthday Bash winners suggested, but we will be attempting truely Dwarfen toasting, boasting and drinking.

Things we're missing from England include: warmth (it's been snowing here in Vegas) proper tea (just what is this iced nonsense all about?) fresh fruit (it seems to be illegal here) and of course, our Monday and Wenesday gaming sessions.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Slaves of Destiny- the Grand finale

It’s been a long time getting it’s write up, but our playtest sessions have finally ended!
We’ve been playing through the adventure in the back of the Skaven sourcebook ‘Children of the Horned Rat’ with two different groups- one set of Skaven spys, and one set of morally dubious humans.

Obviously, we can’t reveal the climax of the adventure- that would spoil things- but needless to say, there were some dark deals struck, several deaths and an awful lot of explaining the resulting mess to superiors. Just like any session of WFRP really.

So, many thanks to our cast of anti heroes:

Human investigators:
Che Webster- (Maximillian ‘metaphor king’) For services to miscommunication
Owen Barnes- (Bigby Badgerbane) “to be honest, it’s all !£*&£$!*”
Rowland Cox- (Hermann the messenger) For dice nav ™
Rob Broom- (Wolfheart Vogel) For his first game session!
Darron Bowley- (Axelbrand ‘the shoveller’ Scherer) Silent but deadly

Skaven pack

Mal Green- (Throlk) “The trees are screaming and the moons on fire!”
Chris Lucas- (Ritchet) for leading the Skaven pack…fatly.
Dave Allen- (Meffitt Ikk) for his special war face
Ed Morris- (Skerrit Slee) for doing his Skaven duty and escaping

So, here’s the quote book- infer what you will!

Maximillian: “Did your mother ever dally with Orcs?”

Maximillian - “What kind of beastmen are they?”
Wolfheart- “I don’t know, but they’re dead- that’s the best kind of beastman in my books”

Bigby- “I think we should drink just enough to forget why we’re here but not enough that we’re incapable of fighting”

Maximillian- “I’m not one to hide from a fight…but why does it have to be us who does the fighting?”

Axelbrand- “Well, my conscience is clear- I mean, what have these villagers ever done for us?
Maximillian- “Apart from put a roof over our heads?”
Wolfgang- “They’ve welcomed us to their community”
Hermann- “and treated us like heroes”
Maximillian- “fed us, given us ale…”
Bigby- “they gave me pie”
GM- “wow, that Halfling Loyalty isn’t easily bought”

The Skaven Lexicon

Wool-pig- Sheep
Tasty!- Horse
Daybat- Bird
Big-tall wing bell tower- Windmill
Burning moon- sun
Mighty warlord- A man with a halberd
Fatboss- Ritchet (nominal leader of the group)
Giant brood mother- Cow
Milk pig- cow
Mmmm- milk
Big noisy house- Tavern
Great Grey Seer- Village priest
Nice moon- Morrsleib
Bad Moon- Mannsleib

GM- “you break free of the grapple”
Mal- “it’s the musk of fear- it makes you slippery!”

Chris- “I exude the musk of ‘phew’”

Dave- “if I roll the dice thirteen times, and the thirteenth roll is a thirteen, then the Horned Rat wants me help my fellow party members”

Ed- “don’t write that down, it’s far too wrong

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Media survey

We are painting: Tau, Crimson Fists, Sisters of Battle, Sisters of Sigmar, Warhammer 40,000 Witch Hunter and retinue, Space Marine Librarians, A Tomb Kings army and Meffitt Ikk- (Dave Allen’s playtest character)

We are playing: Risk, Universal Fighting System, Paranoia mandatory !bonus fun! Card game, Ico, Everquest 2, WFRP, Call of Cthulhu, Sudoku, We love Katamari, Warcry and Planescape Torment

We are watching: Curse of the Wererabbit, Battlestar Galactica season one, Walk the Line, Dr Who Tardis box set, Inspector Morse, Alien, Dark City, Blade Runner, Brazil, Event Horizen, Firefly and The Producers.

We are reading: The Foundation series (Issac Asimov) Horus Rising (Dan Abnett) 1984 (George Orwell) Lanark (Alistair Grey) From the Holy Mountain (William Dalrymple) A guide to Inspector Morse (David Bishop) and The Historian (Elizabeth Kostova)