Monday, May 22, 2006

Taking your work home with you

So, over the weekend some of the BI crew got together for a beer and movies evening.

On the viewing list was 'Call of Cthulu' 'Ed Wood' and 'Hudsucker Proxy' but none of these fine films formed the highlight of the evening- no, the peak of our saturday night viewing was the Eurovision song contest.

For our non-European readers, this is a sort of musical equivalent of the Olympics. Each country comes up with a song then we all vote on which was the best. The winner gets to host the following years contest- and of course, gets all the glory. In the past, perhaps the greatest thing to come out of the Eurovision song contest has been Abba.

We were pausing between films, and accidentally spotted Finland's entry. They looked like they had escaped from the pages of Tome of Corruption. Huge seven foot fur clad viking types, with mutated faces and huge axes. So, naturally we had to stop our movie fest and support the guys who looked like Chaos Warriors.

And what do you know? they won.

Europe could have voted for all manner of pop pixies and semi-clad women, but no. Given the choice, we went for armour, axes and songs about demons...

A good omen for Tome of Corruption? We hope so!


Blogger shay4brains said...

Ah, Eurovision.

We can only wonder from across the Atlantic of such greats as Dschingis Khan...

Kislev would be ashamed.

3:28 am  

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