Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Whats in the works

We've been so busy of late, telling you about our nights out and our gaming sessions, that we've not really mentioned any of the stuff we've been getting up to.

So, this week we have mostly been...

Finishing the WFRP Companion.
This has swelled from 96 to 128 pages, and we're just doing the final checks before we send it off to the printers. This book introduces some new WFRP writers to the fold, together with some more experienced hands- chaps like Dan White, Owen Barnes, Andrew Law, Jody Macgregor, Andrew Kenrick, Rob Schwalb and Steve Darlington.

There's a whole heap of different things in this book- social conflict rules to the history of the Imperial gunnery school, but we particularly like it as it's got lots of sailing action in it- from the city of S-ARR!-tosa to riv-ARR! life. Thus we've been in a sort of pirate mood of late. Let's hope you enjoy the nautical notions as much as we do...

Staring at the Tome of Corruption
This big book of Chaos is starting to transform into something like its final state- 256 full colour pages of Chaos Goodness. From it's d1000 mutation tables to its chapters on Norscan, Kurgan and Hung life it's fairly dripping with nastiness. At the moment we're experimenting with meaty skin textures to form the background for side bars and the like- which is a bunch of fun, if you happen to like Quark.

The book is divided into sections- Chaos in the Empire, chaos in the wilderness, chaos in the Frozen North and the Realm of Chaos itself. This picture is 'The Catalogue of Flesh'-one of the forbidden tomes you can find in the Empire section- together with a whole host of other unpleasant objects. Anyway, delicate reader, the less said on that the better...

Playtesting Renegade Crowns

Bit of an unusual book this one- it's about the Border Princes, which is a sort of evershifting badlands where petty Kingdoms rise and fall without the rest of the Old World caring or even noticing. We didn't want to produce a gazetter style book about this region, as it kind of invalidates the whole theme of the area to pin it down to a map and listings. So we tasked David Chart with producing a 'design your own Kingdom' book, which would allow GM's to create their own corner of the Warhammer World and then run campaigns there. We also wanted to cover campaigns where PCs work to either steal or carve out their own Principalities.

Well, David has done us proud by producing some really devious plot hooks and detailed generation charts. Not only that, he's also turned in his work early- meaning we can get some really thorough playtest action in on this. We might even get round to putting our Principalties online... who knows?

Reading historical texts
We've been doing some research for 'Lure of the Lich Lord' This adventure is our take on 'intelligent tomb romp' and also a tie into the Renegade Crowns sourcebook. Its features a dungeon crawl with a twist, plus all the fun of negotiating between some powerful Border Princes. PC's could end up very rich...or very extinct. With that in mind, we've been reading about the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Assyrian King Sennacherib

Thinking about Hive Cities

Ben Counter has been doing some great work on Warhammer 40,000: Dark Heresy, including some really unusual Hive Cities... but more on that later...


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Famous at last!

I'm really looking forward to how the Companion turns out.

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